The name ‘odd sock, odd shoe is about finding things that go together:

Its actually a misremembering of the Kate Bush lyric I can hear my mother saying, every old sock needs an old shoe, but never mind about that! For me, odd sock, odd shoe is specifically about finding things that go together in childrens interiors. 

A childs room be it a nursery, a bedroom or a playroom should reflect the playfulness and fun of childhood. It should be a happy bubble that, as you step into it, fills you with a sense of a parents love. And I strongly believe that it can be all that without being twee or all pink or all blue! So odd sock, odd shoeis also about bringing some style and beautiful design to childrens spaces whether thats through a well-chosen item of midcentury furniture, a child-sized take on a design classic or a carefully sourced range of  products from the best of today’s children’s design from around the world.

I am a parent of two small children based in London, so know what its like to have several things juggling at once. If you see an image on my website or my Instagram and think I want that, but I dont know where to start!’ – I can do all the sourcing, assembling and finishing off, and give you just that for your child. I can help design a beautiful space, within your budget, and in your way: whether as a simple online template or a more in-depth consultation. 

For more detail on how I can help, please see the services section of this website. For a sense of what it could all look like for you, please take a look at the gallery section. And if you have any questions or would like to talk about how we might work together including through collaborations if youre a retailer or product designer looking for interior styling please get in touch through the contact section.